Hmm, I haven’t touched this for the longest time; I wouldn’t have ever looked at this had it not been for Heidi’s recent comment–which led me to read her comment and yaddeee yadeee yah.  Pretty much, life is messy, but I’m the clean sort of guy, so, I need some soap

I PR-ed (personal record) @ the Sophomore Delite race (1.89 mile race) today!!  WOOT!  43rd out of 75 male runners including middle school, Frosh/Soph, and Varsity runners from EGHS, Pleasant Grove, Franklin, Florin, Joseph Kerr (ms) and Albiani (ms)…

TIME: 11:43 — THAT’S OVER A MINUTE FASTER THAN MY PREVIOUS P.R.!!  WHOOAAAA!!    My one mile split would be under 6 minutes now!  Geez!!  Big thanks to Coach Veiga for giving me the racing flats (shoes) today! lol..could’ve gotten it earlier–but who cares, I did way better with real running shoes!!!

So last night was Hội Chợ (carnival/festival/fair) at my church and that was pretty cool (stayed there to help at the Games Station for at least 6 hours–ankles are sore still.)  It was about 12:30 AM when my brother and I were going to meet up with some of his friends near the exit to wait with them until their rides came.  I was following behind my brother and was walking through the marketplace when all of a sudden I felt something–or someone–go into my backpocket.  Hmm.  I turn around…and I see this old drunk man with his hand in my pocket, slowly withdrawing it and smiling with his heavy red face.

Emotions stirred through me–“W-what the hell is this man doing?!”  The look of confusion quickly turned into a raging state as I sped to my brother with my eyes still locked onto the drunk man.  Shaking his arm really violently to get his attention, I told him what the man had attempted to do.  He looked back at us witht his heavy red face.  Acting instinctively and irrationally, I taunted him with my wallet while shouting, “IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?!  COME ON!  TRY TO TAKE IT!  TAKE IT!”  Of course, I doubt he understood a word I said [haha, I doubt even my brother or any of his friends did].  Well, he began trudge toward me [which kind of scared me…despite the wound up anger I had put forth].

I moved back near my brother (aww..hahah) and the man started speaking to my brother.  “Chỉ chõi mà (I’m only playing around)…,” he said, with his heavy red face–smiling with a stern, but ‘hopeful’ face.  [What my brother responded with is not certain…but here goes.]  “…dude, then don’t do that kind of stuff then” is a near quote.  According to my friend, she said she heard that he told the drunk to “S-T-F-U”–but I’m not certain of that.

We (Larry, Hung, and I) all continued to stare him down–mostly me because I was still in an overreacted rage.  I managed to cool off and return to a light demeanor, but we debated whether to tell a cop on him or not.  We decided not to, since he was a pretty messed up old drunk…probably poor and stuff.  My brother said it wouldn’t have mattered since he didn’t actually steal anything so the cop wouldn’t have had sufficient evidence to do anything.

We lost sight of him after a while (which Larry was disappointed, because he wanted to attract the man with his wallet hanging loose from his own backpocket.  “Too much Tylenol,” they said).  The remainder of the night was pretty cool…we told my brother’s friends (Mary and Lily) the story too and my brother continued to rant on about how if he were in that situation, he’d just “flatten the man to the ground…but might get thrown in jail because [he’s only] 18.”–‘course, then he said how I should’ve done that since I’m only a minor still, haha.

Yeah…what a night.  Though, now people have seen the “enraged David”–and the sight apparently is far more hilarious than intimidating..or “mad.”  Just funny.  …  How embarrassing.  Hahahaa… Yeah… =]

Vacation has been rather boring…

Elk Grove Library doesn’t have the books I need…

Tomorrow my oldest sister graduates from UC Davis…

I waste away with games so much now…

I actually read Anthem online…but bought the book anyway…

Stuff.  Comment me more…for fun..for make me feel special.  C’mon, guys.

–Ch’yeah, while all of you other 8th graders went to Sunsplash, I decided to not go!  And in fact, it wasn’t that bad!  Basically, I played basketball like a total of some hour and a half…hung around with Mrs. Blaker and Matt Burrall(sp?) in 3rd period Science (he’s pretty cool–with some geeky/nerdy-ish references to video games that I don’t exactly care…but yeah, lol, he’s alright) and got all these free pens and highlighters. =)  Yeah, they only had early lunch, so…I spent that helping Mrs. Kreis teach some of the incoming Jazz Band people how to set up their saxophones.  I bid them A LOT of luck.  I hope Mrs. Kreis can pull off a great band again…20+ years of success–that’s ridiculously impressive.  In 4th (concert band)…we watched The Rescuers … I liked that movie as a kid, but now it was kinda…nyeecckk… In 5th (math) I supposedly earned a few extra credit points..but since Mr. Farwell didn’t seem to even show any possibility of EC helping my A-, I just left.  Umm, Nick and Daryl went with me back to the MP to play more basketball–lol, Matt and Adam were there…played 21 for a bit.   Yep.

The last part of the day was actually pretty cool; I hung out with Mrs. Nelson and Krystina DeFasio (sp?).  We spent some 15 mins taking off stuff from the walls and whatnot…then I peeked outside and I heard people singing in Mrs. Goldsbery’s class! lol!!  Omgosh, it was so funny…Umm, Lucas/Luke and Brad/Bradley were singing all these songs on this little karaoke machine…I got Mrs. Nelson to come watch/listen, too.  Hahah…We spent the next 20 minutes with this…it was really fun. =)  Eventually Mrs. Goldsbery ushered me up to sing, too…lol.  Yeah, YMCA is pretty cool–and those other two make it fun [‘cept they steal the spotlight most of the time.]  So yeah, don’t come back from Sunsplash saying how I missed out on a lot–‘cuz karaoking was hecka fun.  Whoever hosts a promotion party or some summer thing better include karaoking–like Vanessa’s party (except I didn’t go, nor was I invited….“All Girls”, you see.)

Anyway, the last day of school is approaching.  It’s almost time.

Wow.  Best feeling ever.  Highlight of the quarter.  Wow.  Almost too happy to miss anybody going to Pleasant Grove (lol).  Great dance, guys…I’ll remember this.  I’ll remember this good.

[Yesterday: Friday] JAZZ JUBILEE

It was nowhere close to last year’s…stupid people [I mean, friends] are all screwy and stuff [Yes, I’m referring like 98% of this to Julie.]

I sat with Lorna and Breanna on the ride to Old Sac.  Hehe, I was so tired though [I need to work on that sleeping thing–sheesh].  I kinda slept [not really] through the ride.  The beginning part of the trip [“shopping in mall”] sucked.  We did like nothing and found no one.  Yeah, it was wasteful (sorry Lorna–not your fault.)  So, yeah…

Umm, yeah–I wanted to branch off and find totally separate groups to experiment.  Ended up looking Shelby and Gabby–nyeh, that was alright.  I checked out Liz’s stuff that she bought from American Eagle–she spent $102 already!  Yeah…I decided to see how they would “look on me”–I say it was pretty nice.  It was cute.  I tied her mini-jean shorts onto my khaki shorts’ strings in the front.  *coughs*…

We watched the parade afterward…it was alright.

Then we walked back to the mall’s food court.  I didn’t buy any food.  Grr.

We went down by Macy’s to watch Mrs. Kreis’s son’s jazz band The Howlin’ Coyotes play.  They played about 6 tunes…they enlightened the day for me.

We had an hour of free time around Old Sac. after the concert.  I ended up leaving Lorna and Breanna [and Rachel/Debi/Patrick/Julie] with Vincent after they went to Evangeline’s.  We went to Round Table’s Pizza…bought a self-serve cup for $1.69 (expensive!).  Umm, we ended up refilling the cup like 3 or 4 times throughout the day. *cough cough*…

And stuff.  I don’t remember anymore, lol.. I think we met up with Debi and them, but we didn’t do much.  We went downstairs into some old building and looked at all these antiques.  I soon found out that the main reason of going down was to look at an old condom vending machine.  *ahem*

Yeah…the trip was nowhere as fun as last year’s.

The ride back I slept most of the way.

I’m tired.

I might as well cover things real quick:

Tuesday: District Meet
Time: 4:30 PM – 10:30 PM

8th grade boys 100m:
1st – Nathan Freeman; Kerr
2nd – ???; Jackman?

8th grade boys 4×100:
1st – Jackman
2nd – Kerr
3rd – Eddy?

8th grade boys 400m:
1st – Jackman? – 58.?? secs
2nd – Jackman? Eddy?
3rd – Josh Evans; Kerr – 1:00

6th – David Trinh; Kerr – 1:02.78

8th grade boys mile:
1st – Josh Evans; Kerr 5:14
2nd – Jasen Henderson; Kerr 5:40-ish?
3rd – ???
[Kiel missed this event because he was too dang busy with field events.  Idiot.]

8th grade boys 800:
1st – [some other school]
2nd – Jasen Henderson
3rd – ???

8th grade boys 200:
1st – Jackman/Eddy?
2nd – Nathan Freeman [practically tied–but they bumped him down]*
3rd – ???


8th grade boys 4×400:

By now, it’s just about 10PM.  Busdrivers cannot transport any students after 10PM by law; some schools must leave.  It’s only 3 or 4 teams out of the seven now.  *Nathan is ridiculously exhausted from the 200m.  He has trouble breathing and is dizzy.  Slowly our time is up to run…and yeah, it was our “last race” and we put a lot of effort into this one–especially Nathan.

We started off alright–Jasen was 3rd [I think out 4].  By the first handoff, we were behind 25 meters?  It was so crazy… running, grunting [ intense breathing turned into like an animal!], blinding football lights… I should check how I did for my time–though, the camcorder ran out of battery before my dad could capture the entire race.  I did cut the lead by a little…mostly just kept the pace.  Nathan went crazy though [even though after I ran I collapsed onto the in-field from exhaustion] and when I finally got back up to watch, we had 1st or 2nd place.  Josh was pretty full energy still [Red Bull gives you wings] and he literally smoked the others.  We had at least a 15 meter lead by the end…yeah, it was one of those Team Sports emotional moments, ya know?  Stuff people normally don’t bring up again afterward because it’ll sound extremely gay. ()

I personally say that that was our best Track meet the whole season.  We won it all like 100-200-something to whatever..gotta credit the field event people.  Great season, great season…


Yeah, I don’t have any time to talk about it though.  But District Meet…good crap the competition was scorching.  The meet took FOREVER too (I just got home an hour ago).  Yeah, it was nighttime and everything–lights, too!  Geez.. anyway, I have two medals from the relay races (2nd/silver and 1st/gold–I’ll be wearing them tomorrow. =P)  Well, I’ve got homework to do…so…yeah–oh, and we WON! *gasp gasp gasp*  So spending some six hours was worth it. =D  Kerr gets a trophy.